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Nowosc  z fejsa MOOER GE200

Firmware Update v2.0.3 Beta is now available to download for PC. Please help us test the latest version of the GE200 and it’s brand new amp/cab algorithms. Remember to backup all IRs and presets before updating your system!

Please send issues or feedback to

You can download the file from:

What’s new?

1. New amp model algorithms for higher-quality amp profiles! Support for new (.gnr) amp simulation filetype while maintaining compatibility for older amp model filetype (.amp).

2. Improvements made to cabinet simulation algorithms! Supports new (.gir) cabinet simulation filetype while maintaining support for older cabinet simulation filetype (.wav).

Editor Software Updates

1. Supports new amp simulation files (.gnr) while also supporting traditional amp model filetypes (.amp).

2. Supports new cab profile sample files (.gir) while also providing support for traditional filetypes (.wav).

3. Supports restore all filetypes backed-up from V2.0.0.

4. You can restore properly backed-up files after updating to V2.0.3 Beta. Backup/restore functionality is compatible with old and new filetypes (.gnr/.amp or .gir/.wav).


Updating will delete all presets and third-party IR files. Please backup your presets and IRs (using V2.0.0 software) before updating. You can restore backed-up files after updating to V2.0.3 Beta.

Please note that the cab sim profile sample’s file size is five times larger than the previous sample files. If you have multiple files installed on your GE200, the boot time may be slightly longer.

The MAC version will be released next week!